Articles (a) at BrooWaha, a citizen newspaper network:
     * "Reflections on Los Angeles Eathquake"
     * "I Defied Defeat"
     * "I Thought I was Invited"
     * "Lonely In Aa Crowd"
     * "From Kalimatundu to Hollywood; Dream Come True"
     * "Los Angeles Illusion"

Articles (b) at Triond (
     * "I Owe My Cochlear Implant to Providential Coincidences"
     * "Zeba's Amazing Influence"
     *"Zimwe and the Hunter"
     * "A Snooze with Baby Leopard"
     * "If Wolves Could Talk"
     * "Mutu Kubili: Double-Headed Snake"
     * "The Village Prophetess"
     * "Manyani: My Rooster Friend"
     * "The Blind Beast"
     *  "February the incredible Midget Month"
     * "Kalulu the Hare Dupes Lioness"

Chapter in a book: 
     "We Missed the Red Flag" in Parent/teen Stories: Without Judgement, by Susan Lawson (